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Meeting with Japanese Business in Bac Giang province ( 16:31 | 20/11/2015 )

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On September 9th, Bac Giang People’s provincial committee held a conference with  Japanese businesses to exchange of view and looking for solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles in promoting Japanese investment in the province .

 Mr.Isari - Coordinator for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); Mr. Ando - General Secretary of the Association of Japanese businesses; Mr. Tamada - Volunteers JICA in Bac Giang, Japanese businesses investing in Bac Giang; Dang Xuan Quang - Deputy Director of the Foreign Investment Department (Ministry of Planning and Inves



  The meeting with Japanese bussinesses in Bac Giang

As of August 2015, there are 20 Japanese investment projects in Bac Giang province with total registered capital of US $ 150.7 million (account for 10.06 % of the total nuber of projects and 6.29% of the total FDI in Bac Giang). The investment sector mainly: processing industry, manufacturing, the service sector and trade. While the number of projects and total registered capital of Japanese investors to invest in Bac Giang is still low compared to other countries and regions such as Korea, China and Taiwan, but disbursement of investment and effective of capital projects in recent years Japanese investors are quite high.

Out of 20 investment projects from Japan have 18 projects in operation, 02 projects are in the process of building factories. The disbursed investment capital of Japanese investors  reaching US $ 115.2 million, representing 76.6% of the registered capital.

In the coming of time,  the attracting orientation investment in Bac Giang province will be foced on  industry, trade - service and tourism, agriculture. In particular, domestic investment and foreign direct investment in the area of ​​investment, industrial clusters in the fields of manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering; Electronic refrigeration; manufacturing of components, automobile parts, motorcycles, electric components, electronic products; Supporting industry service textile industry - garment, mechanics, electronics; attracting investment projects on developing of commercial center - services combines with commercial houses at several locations along Nguyen Van Cu road in Bac Giang city; Shopping Center of Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Hoang Ninh commune - Vietnam Viet Yen district; Logistics Center; Spiritual and cultural zones Tay Yen Tu (Son Dong)…

  Favourable conditions pushing up investment and cooperation

   Delivering a speech at the meeting,Mr.Dang Xuan Quang - Deputy Director of Foreign Investment (MPI) highly valued the contribution as well as shared the difficulties of Japanese businesses. He also affirmed the positive dynamics of Bac Giang province in contact withJapanese investors in Bac Giang to look for  the solutions to remove difficulties for investors in Bac Giang in general and Japanese investors Japan in particular.

  Mr Quang strongly believed that attracting Japanese investment capital will be remarkable grow. FIA is committed to creating favorable conditions for the Bac Giang and Japanese investors increased investment cooperation. In other hand,Mr Quang also recommended the use of Japanese business thoroughly bilateral cooperation mechanisms have been established to be effective to remove difficulties and obstacles, promote production and business.

 The issued need to be addresses
    At the conference, Mr. Tamada - Volunteers JICA in Bac Giang has reported the result of Japanese investors surveys in the industrial park . Accordingly five issusses to be solved , resolved , those were: The frequent power outages, continuous production affect the enterprise; Water supply problems; quality telecommunications, street lighting systems ; roads deteriorated much room needs to be upgraded , renovated , especially the internal roads in industrial parks ; administrative procedures are too cumbersome and complicated that businesses that cost and time.On the issue of the complex and cumbersome administrative procedures, Mr. Toma Masaak expressed  this issue not only took place in Bac Giang province alone but  all other provinces. He suggested that Bac Giang province would be the first province in solving administrative problems. He also  wished that the province would send guidelines for administrative procedures in the shortest time. He affirmed that  it would be requireed the cooperation between the two sides to solve and  improve the investment environment in the future.

                                                                                                        DPI Bac Giang