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Supplement Porfolio of Projects Calling For Investment In The Field of Sociliazation ( 09:04 | 18/07/2014 )

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STT Name  Objective and scale of project Location  Expected land area (m2)  Land status  Field Note
1 Investment of  sport entertainment area   Investment of sport and entertainment area of tennis, badminton sastify the needs people  Tan My commune, Bac Giang city 2,500 Site area already Sport   Approved for Lam Son  Trading and Construction Joint stock Company to carry out socilaizatrion project separated from the old project 
2 Investment in traditional cutural area  Investment traditional culture combination with  sport and  health  to serving the needs of people      Cả Trọng road, Hoàng Văn Thụ ward, Bac Giang city 8,500 Site area already  Culture, sport and health  Approved for Hai Au construction Ltm Company to implement in the form of socialization 
3 Investment of building polytechnic hospital   Construction of  polytechnic hospital   Dinh Ke commune,  Bắc Giang city  22,000 Site area already Health  Issued Investment Certificate and approved  for Tan Truong Sinh  Pharmacy and Health Company to be entitled to enjoy  preferential on land rent under the Decision No 337/2012/QĐ-UBND.
4  National Kindergarton Investment  Construction national kindergarten  provideing with high quality care for children  No T06, belong to  the  Detailed planning scaled 1/500 of residential No 2 of  Bac Giang city 3,190 Site area already  Education and Training  Issued Investment certificate for Duc Tri education JS company  and  to be approved to have preferentail on rent land under the Decision no 337/2012/QĐ-UBND.
5  Investment in sport Serving and swimming pool area  Investment in construction  recreational serving and sport  provide with  sport practice and public swimming of people in bac Giang city Tiền Giang street, Le Lợi ward, Bac Giang city 1,971 Site area already Sport  Project location was issued a Investment Certificate by Provincial People's Committe           for Tuan Mai Trading JS company to carry out the project 
6  Investment of ophthalmology hospital   Investment in opthalmology hospital with 50 beds of scale  No YT belonging to  Detail contrustion planning of residential area in theSourth Dinh Ke commune, Bac Giang city  7,500  site area already Health  Approved for  Ha Noi Sai Gon Health JS company  to build the ophthalmology hospital in project location
7 Investment of  traditional hopital Investment of  traditional hopital with 100 beds for patients  Á Lữ road, Tran Phú road, Bac Giang city 2,384  site area already Health Approved for  Lan Q hearlth care to build the traditional hospital in project location
8  Recreational and  serving sport To meet the  need of sport and entertaiment of people in the city of Bac Giang   No CX1,belong to No 3 recidential area of Tran Phu ward, bac Giang city 6,362 Site area already Sport Approved for  379 Trading and construction company to carry out in project location
9 Investment in construction of secondary school Building a secondary school to diversify the types of training, implementation and improve the quality of vocational training in the province with an area of ​​2,400 students / year No TH1, belong to detailed construction planning in Tan My commune, Bac Giang city 20,792  Site area already  Education and Training Secondary ASEAN  School  carry out  this project