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Investment Incentives

Tax payment extension ( 09:44 | 03/09/2013 )
New regulations on tax payment extension will take effect in September, 2013.
INCENTIVES OF IMPORT TAX ( 15:31 | 01/08/2013 )
Under the provision of Decree No: 87/2010/NĐ-CP, datedAugust 13 2010 by the Goverment on detailed regulations of implementating import-export law. Imported goods in the following cases are exempted from import tax
Preferential rate, exemption and deduction of cooperative income tax ( 15:26 | 01/08/2013 )
According to the Decree No.124/2008/NĐ-CP, dated December 11th 2008 by the Government on providing and guiding the implementation of some articles of Law on enterprise income tax; Decree no: 22/2011/NĐ-CP, dated December 27th 2011 by the Government amending and complement some articles of DecreeNo124/2008/NĐ-CP dated December 11th 2008 of the Goverment on providing and guiding the implementation of some articles of enterprise income.
Exempation of land lease, water surface rent ( 07:51 | 17/07/2013 )
Pursuant to Decrees namely: No 142/2005/ND-CP dated November 14, 2005 of the Government on collection of land lease, water surface rent; No121/2010/ND-CP, dated December 30, 2010 by Government on amending and supplementing a number of Articles of Decree No.142/2005/ND-CP of November 14, 2005 of the Government on collection of land rent, water surface rent.
Import Duty on Sugar Rises to 15 Percent ( 16:23 | 01/07/2013 )
The Ministry of Finance issued the Circular 79/2013/TT-BTC on amending preferential import tax rates on some items belonging to sub-heading 17.02 in the Preferential Import Tariff. Accordingly, to amend import tax rate to some items of sub-heading 17.02 in the List of Taxable Items regulated at Section I, Annex II which is attached to Circular 193/2012/TT-BTC dated November 15, 2012. Specifically, import tax for maple sugar and maple syrup increases from 3 percent to and 10 percent; for glucose and glucose syrup increase from 10 percent to 15...
Measures to help businesses through crunch time ( 09:41 | 22/05/2013 )
Businesses regard value added tax (VAT) reductions as a practical measure to help them through a difficult time.
Gov’t establishes fund to support SME development ( 07:20 | 22/04/2013 )
PM  Nguyen Tan Dung has decided to set up a fund for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development with total charter capital of VND 2 trillion.
Bac Giang province 12 years after re-establishment ( 14:21 | 14/11/2012 )
Bac Giang was re-established in 1997 with total natural area of 3,827.38 km 2, current population is over 1.55 million, of which nearly 900 thousand people are of working age. Bac Giang possesses a variety of factors favorable to development of agriculture, industry, services and tourism