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Bac Giang DPI works with senior Bangladesh delegation 11:39 | 20/11/2015
On October 12th,  the meeting between representatives of Bac Giang DPI, (Ms Bui Thi Thu Thuy Vice director) with 36 senior officials and employees Bangladesh to survey and explore practical experiences of administration to promote economic and social development in Northern Province Read. Join met and worked with union representatives of the Department of Planning and Investment; PPC office; Natural Resources and Environment; Foreign Affairs
US continues anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnam’s pangasius 15:24 | 20/11/2014
The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has decided to keep anti dumping tax on pangasius imported from Vietnam at least in the next five years, according to the Vietnam Competition Authority under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Supporting industries: Renovation is the indispensable path 13:56 | 18/11/2014
NDO - In the second of a two-part series on supporting industries in Vietnam, Nhan Dan looks at a number of suggestions to help Vietnamese businesses become suppliers of spare parts and components for multinational manufacturers.
100 Italian firms to visit Vietnam for investment opportunities: ambassador 16:08 | 10/11/2014
A delegation of about 100 enterprises led by a high-ranking official from Italy will visit Vietnam to seek business opportunities later this month, the Italian Ambassador to Vietnam said Wednesday.
FDI disbursement hits record high 15:57 | 30/11/2015 08:58 | 03/12/2015
VGP - Disbursement of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Viet Nam fetched an estimated US$13.2  The FIA reported that FDI disbursement rose 17.9% against the same period last year. Statistics showed that the amount of FDI disbursement only fluctuated US$11-12 billion in recent years and fetched US$12.5 billion last year.  
Meeting with Japanese Business in Bac Giang province 16:31 | 20/11/2015
On September 9th, Bac Giang People’s provincial committee held a conference with  Japanese businesses to exchange of view and looking for solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles in promoting Japanese investment in the province .
Vietnam, Japan enterprises speed up technology transfer 11:05 | 20/11/2015
During the event was jointly held by the Energy Conservation Centre in Ho Chi Minh City (ECC) and Japan’s Mitsubishi UF J Morgan Stanley Securities (MUMSS), seven world’s leading technology suppliers of Japan introduced to Vietnamese partners their latest technological solutions and applications in industry and building areas such as construction glass, air-conditioner, solar energy, led bulb and sewage treatment system.
Electronics sector attractive to foreign backers 10:59 | 20/11/2015
With the largest turnover and market share growth of electronic exports in ASEAN, Viet Nam has grown to b
Supplement porfolio of socialization projects calling for Investment of Bac Giang in 2013 11:00 | 18/07/2014
 Attachment List of projects click here! /en/sites/default/files/Danh%20m%E1%BB%A5c%20du%20an%20x%C3%A3%20hoi%20hoa%202013_0.xls
Porfolio of Projects Calling For Investment In The Field of Sociliazation in Bac Giang 2014 10:44 | 18/07/2014
Porfolio of Projects click here!/en/sites/default/files/Danh%20muc%20XHH%20nam%202014_0.doc /en/sites/default/files/Danh%20muc%20du%20an%20XHH%202014_1.xls
Supplement Porfolio of Projects Calling For Investment In The Field of Sociliazation 09:04 | 18/07/2014
STT Name  Objective and scale of project Location  Expected land area (m2) 
Tax payment extension 09:44 | 03/09/2013
New regulations on tax payment extension will take effect in September, 2013.